Fleet Support

AFLEET Cool Line

Are you thinking of purchasing an alternative fuel or clean technology vehicle but wondering how it might effect your overall fleet costs? Contact our STCH Coordinator Tabbi Knudson for a free vehicle to vehicle cost evaluation to determine the life cycle costs and comparisons for enhanced purchasing decisions for your fleet operations. 

STCH uses Argonne National Laboratory’s AFLEET Cool Line tool to create a total cost of ownership comparison for gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, electric vehicles (EV), and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models at no cost to you. 

View examples of Total Cost of Ownership for popular models here.

Listening Sessions

As fleets deploy alternative fuels and technologies on the ground, they are gaining valuable first-hand experiential knowledge. STCH coordinates Listening Sessions to collect critical operations and maintenance data from those local fleet managers and technicians. By understanding the successes and challenges posed by each transportation technology, STCH can identify potential areas for improvement and help the U.S. Department of Energy decide where to focus their research efforts.

If your fleet is operating alternative fuels or technologies including electric, hydrogen, biodiesel, or any other fuel, please contact tabbi@blueplanetfoundation.org to participate in one of our lunchtime listening sessions or learn more about the coalition.

Grant Partnerships

STCH is always working to identify grant opportunities that would bring funding to help fund the transition to renewable transportation in Hawaii. Some of those grants may be intended to assist fleets with petroleum or emissions reductions or to ease the transition of fleet vehicles to zero-emission alternatives. Coalition stakeholders are typically the first to be contacted for partnership when these opportunities arise.


STCH, as a member of the national Clean Cities network, has access to educational resources on fuel-saving technologies, alternative fuels, and mode shift as well as online analysis tools associated with emissions reduction and fleet conversion.

One initial resource we highly recommend for fleets interested in learning more about cleaner transportation options is the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

We are available to assist local fleets in reducing costs and petroleum use in their vehicles using additional resources, tools, and strategies.