Become an EV Expert

Program Overview

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Expert Certification Program provides dealership sales associates with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the EV marketplace and gives customers the confidence of knowing they will have the best possible EV buying experience.

If you are a dealership sales associate in Hawaii, enroll today by emailing Ty at

Steps to Certification


Select 1 to 2 sales staff per dealership


Enroll online at


Study EV Expert Curriculum


Attend Two-hour training course


Pass Certification Test

My favorite part of the EV Expert Program is the sharing of information. Being connected to other professionals in the industry during the vital shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles is invaluable.

— Vincent Soberano, Servco Toyota

Program Perks

After getting certified as an EV Expert, your name and dealership will be showcased on the EV Expert search and map feature, which will be promoted to the public and shared with our partners. This will help drive customer leads and referrals for you. You will also receive certified EV Expert decals to use and get access to a private community of other EV Experts.

Program Benefits

For You

Build EV expertise for yourself and your dealership leading to more recognition and credibility from customers. Achieve stronger brand loyalty and referrals from satisfied EV customers resulting in additional revenue opportunities.

For your EV Customers

Assurance that they will receive accurate information on incentives. Confidence that they will be provided with the best possible EV technology, charging and infrastructure, benefits, and incentives.

Enroll today by emailing Ty at