EV Education

As Hawaii moves towards an increasingly renewable electricity grid, electrification of transportation offers an opportunity to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. STCH provides information about electric vehicles (EVs) to Hawaii residents and local leaders, provides opportunities for residents to interact with electric vehicle technologies, and administers the EV Expert Certification Program. The coalition provides tools and resources to encourage EV adoption throughout the state.

EV Ride & Drives

Blue Planet Foundation and the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii host EV ride-and-drive events throughout the year to provide residents with an opportunity to test drive a variety of EVs in one place. Attendees can compare EVs from different manufacturers in a pressure-free environment, and learn about EV technologies and charging options. EV ride-and-drives are typically held twice in the year: during the First Hawaiian International Auto Show and National Drive Electric Week.

As events have gone remote in recent months, STCH has begun hosting virtual ride-and-drives as well. You can see our recent test drive of the Kia Niro EV here. If you are interested in attending our next ride and drive event, please contact tabbi@blueplanetfoundation.org for dates and information.

Drive Electric Hawaii

Drive Electric Hawaii (DEH) is a coalition of local government, private, and non-profit organizations with a shared vision of promoting electrified transportation in Hawaii. The coalition recognizes the importance of electric vehicles to the reduction of transportation emissions and to Hawaii’s clean energy future. Through collaborative conversations and programs, DEH works to increase EV infrastructure and adoption.  

STCH, through Blue Planet Foundation, participates in the DEH coalition, and administers the DEH website and communications campaigns.

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EV Communications

Hawaii’s homeowners have an easy transition to electric vehicles. Give up gas and make your next car electric at Electric Mo' Bettah. 

You wouldn't want to be the last person driving a horse-drawn carriage in 1920 any more than you'll want to be one of the last people driving a gas car in the 2020s. Watch Horse Car Man to learn more about the cars of the future.

‘Horse Car Man’ and 'Electric Mo' Bettah' are powered by Blue Planet Foundation, in partnership with Hawaiian Electric.