Stakeholder Spotlight

EverCharge Hawaii

Have you noticed more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road lately? Or, perhaps you’ve read that nearly all major automakers are releasing new EV models, including GM’s promise to have 30 EVs in their global lineup by 2025 and a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035. For those that have been monitoring the uptick in EV adoption and the industry growth overall, it’s becoming increasingly clear that EVs are the future of mobility.

There are almost 14,000 electric vehicles registered in the state of Hawaii. Hawaiian Electric Companies predicts that by 2045, 430,000 electric vehicles will be navigating roads on Oahu alone. This is great news for Hawaii’s transportation decarbonization goals, but it also means that more charging stations are needed to power the growing number of EVs on Hawaiian roadways.

This is where EverCharge comes in. After 10+ years of successful operation and thousands of charging station deployments spanning the continental US, EverCharge Hawaii was launched in 2019 to bring an affordable, cutting-edge, and highly customizable EV charging solution to our state. As a subsidiary of Pacific Current, a Hawaiian Electric Industries company, EverCharge Hawaii’s platform is specifically designed to meet the charging needs of local properties and EV drivers. Its solution provides fully managed EV charging where it’s needed most - exclusive parking environments like apartment complexes, condos, townhome communities, retail centers, office buildings, private clubs, and hotels. EverCharge can overcome many of the typical challenges related to deploying EV chargers in these locations including electrical capacity constraints, unique payment & billing arrangements, energy management system integration, and more.

With the help of EverCharge’s patented “SmartPower” technology, existing electrical infrastructure can be maximized to enable more EV Charging at any given site, while significantly reducing installation cost.  

Residential and commercial properties are seeing more EVs in their parking lots, and as a result, EV charging is becoming an essential amenity. With a variety of return on investment and revenue generation methods on offer, EverCharge helps each property maximize the potential of their charging system. In multi-unit residences, access to an EV charger raises unit resale value and attracts new tenants. In commercial locations like hotels, retail centers, and the workplace, EV charging brings a unique service to the property while drawing-in more visitors.  EverCharge lowers the barrier of entry for these properties by offering an affordable turnkey solution tailored to the needs of each community, while also requiring zero oversight or management by on-site personnel.

Shawn Moorhead leads EverCharge Hawaii and brings over 10 years of renewable energy expertise to the role. Shawn has designed and deployed EverCharge charging stations in properties such as The Royal Hawaiian Center, The Pacific Club, The Pacific Guardian Tower and numerous residential communities. As an avid surfer and environmentalist, Shawn brings a wealth of experience and passion to the EverCharge Hawaii team.

If you’re interested in learning more about how EverCharge Hawaii can bring EV charging to your property, please reach out to Shawn directly at: / 808-913-1609.