Become a Stakeholder

Why become a stakeholder?

STCH actively provides support to coalition stakeholders to help them in their transition away from fossil fuel use.

This includes providing educational materials on petroleum reducing technologies, alternative fuels, and mode shift; organizing and hosting workshops and events; and providing support in seeking and applying for grants for programs, equipment, and infrastructure.

Becoming a stakeholder demonstrates your commitment to the STCH vision for sustainable transportation in Hawaii and gives your organization new ideas and opportunities to innovate towards more sustainable models of transportation.

What it means to be a STCH stakeholder

Public agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, public and private vehicle fleets, and even individuals are welcome to join as STCH coalition stakeholders.

By joining the coalition, organizations and individuals express their support for the mission of STCH and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program to advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of Hawai’i through the promotion and adoption of practices that reduce the use of petroleum for transportation.

They also demonstrate their support for STCH’s vision for sustainable transportation in Hawaii, where a greater diversity of higher quality mobility alternatives are available – and where all vehicles are powered by renewable energy sources. Organizations or individuals joining the coalition are not committing to support any firm benchmarks or timelines for achieving that vision, or every strategy, policy, or program undertaken by STCH.

How to become a stakeholder

There are various stakeholder levels based on the type of organization, and level of commitment.

Organizations or individuals interested in joining STCH can do so by completing and submitting an STCH Coalition Stakeholder Agreement form.

Stakeholder Agreement

Become a Stakeholder

Please choose the button below that corresponds to the type of stakeholder you wish to be. This should correspond with the selection made on your stakeholder agreement. The buttons will redirect you to the appropriate donation page.

Individual Stakeholder

Non-profit Stakeholder

Business/Private Fleet Stakeholder