Formerly known as "WeCar", Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based car sharing program which was first introduced to Hawaii in 2011 by Enterprise Holdings. This program is a great way to get access to a car without owning one. People can sign up for this Car Sharing option on Enterprise CarShare's website. CarShare is now available at many locations on Oahu. See below for specific pick-up locations and links to registration information:

Universities: UH Manoa (or the university's website), Hawaii Pacific University (or the university's website), and Hawaii Student Suites

Other Locations: Kaneohe Bay Marine Base

Relay Rides is a car sharing program that allows vehicle owners to rent their personal vehicles out to others for various amounts of time (few hours to a few days) when they are not using them. A car owner can drive to work, rent their vehicle to an individual that does not own a car, and the vehicle can then be returned for the owners commute home at the end of the day. RelayRides screens all potential renters and covers the car for up to one million dollars of insurance. This service is available at many locations on Oahu and the outer islands.