Stakeholder Spotlight: 

Pacific Biodiesel

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As an island state, Hawai’i has long been importing the fuel it uses to power our transportation sector. As we move away from fossil fuels and step into our clean transportation future, it is important that any renewable fuels we use are sourced locally, minimizing our environmental impact and supporting our local economies. Pacific Biodiesel has been tasking themselves with this challenge since 1995, and today is the nation’s longest operating and most experienced biodiesel producer and the world’s first to be certified by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance for sustainable production and distribution practices. With a nameplate production capacity of 5.5 million gallons annually, Pacific Biodiesel’s refinery on Hawaii Island utilizes state-of-the art distillation technology to produce the nation’s highest quality biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic fuel that can be used in any diesel engine without modification. It reduces emissions by 86% compared to petroleum diesel. Pacific Biodiesel’s primary feedstock is used cooking oil and waste grease collected and recycled from Hawaii’s restaurants, hotels and other foodservice facilities – diverting millions of gallons of this waste product annually from Hawaii’s landfills. 

Pacific Biodiesel has always focused on recycling with a zero-waste philosophy that incorporates development of value-added co-products. Its collaborative, community-based “agriculture and renewable energy” production model demonstrates a full-circle system of sustainability and climate change solutions designed to help Hawaii achieve a clean, sustainable energy future. In 2017 the company began farming sunflowers on land formerly used for sugarcane production in Maui’s central valley; today it the largest liquid biofuel crop project in the state and the only one farmed entirely with equipment using locally produced 100% biodiesel.  In addition to making biodiesel from local agricultural sources, the company has launched a new line of Hawaii-made, natural beauty products and plans to market culinary oils later this year.

And most importantly, all of this is done in Hawaii. The jobs associated with Pacific Biodiesel’s production are kept right here in the state, and the company currently employs 100 individuals statewide. While some biodiesel companies ship their products across the world, Pacific Biodiesel’s community-based production model keeps their locally made fuel in Hawai’i, keeping energy dollars in the state and reducing the emissions associated with shipping the products. 

Pacific Biodiesel consistently shows commitment to an innovative, community-based business model that has a positive environmental, economic, and social impact. They have been able to deliver a local option for renewable fuel that can help us reach our 100% clean transportation goals.