Meet the experts

Blue Planet Foundation and the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii (STCH), with support from Ulupono Initiative, launched the Electric Vehicle (EV) Expert Certification Program on Tuesday, July 17. We have since certified our first two cohorts of EV Experts. These twelve sales associates have been trained in the EV technologies, infrastructure, benefits, and incentives in Hawaii and are fully equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you with your next plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle purchase.

Certified EV Experts continued:

ALLEN DIETHRICH ( Tony Nissan in Waipahu 

JARED ENGLAND ( Tony Nissan in Waipahu

KYLE NAHOI ( Tony Nissan in Waipahu

WALLACE MA ( BMW of Honolulu

ANDY STEHL ( Jim Falk Nissan of Maui

TIM TORRES ( Jim Falk Nissan of Maui