Electric Vehicles In Hawaii

A key component to reducing fuel demand and utilizing locally produced renewable energy will be a vibrant plug in electric vehicle (EV) market and Hawaii is looking toward EV's to build a clean transportation future. For more information about EV technology, please visit http://www.afdc.energy.gov/fuels/electricity.html.


Hawaii's EV Ready Program is helping to transform Hawaii's transportation sector by accelerating the adoption of EVs and related charging equipment in Hawaii.


EV Pilot Utility Rates Hawaiian Electric Company provides Time of Use Rates to encourage customers to charge EVs during off-peak hours.


Maui EV Alliance, launched by the University of Hawaii Maui College, is developing adequate infrastructure for mass adoption of EVs to reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports and increase EV charging from renewable energy sources on Maui.

Local Resources

Local Publications

Hawai'i's EVolution: Hawaii's clean energy goal is the most aggressive in the nation. Its groundbreaking renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolio standards have set a bold example for other states and its advances on the clean energy front have positioned it as a worldwide leader in charting the course toward a clean energy future.

EVs in Paradise: Planning for the Development of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Maui County: The report is intended to provide an overview and crucial information for those tasked with implementing a plan for a mass deployment of EVs and charging station infrastructure in Maui County.

Report to the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance Driving EVs Forward: A Case Study of the Market Introduction and Deployment of the EV in Hawaii: The report focuses on changes being made in Hawaii's transportation sector, highlighting the steps towards greater adoption of EVs.

Lessons Learned Report: The Early Adoption of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations from the Perspective of Oahu's Commercial Properties:The report captures the lessons learned from the early adopter commercial properties that installed publicly available EV charging stations on Oahu. In the report you will find conducted research, evaluated data, and documented early adopter lessons learned about planning, permitting, installing, operating and maintaining charging stations

Hawaii EV Ready Guidebook for Commercial EV Charging Station Installations: The guidebook serves as a resource for installing and hosting EV charging stations at commercial properties for both privately- and publicly-owned parking lots.

EV Paradise: How Hawaii can lead the world in deployment: Following a visit to Molokai, Hawaii Island, Oahu, and Kauai in February 2013, this 36-page color report addresses the barriers and solutions to EV deployment on each island.