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About Us

Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii (STCH) is a network of organizations and individuals that support the mission to advance energy, economic and environmental security of Hawaii through the promotion and adoption of practices that reduce the use of petroleum for transportation. The coalition is administered by Blue Planet Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to clear the path for clean energy in Hawaii. STCH supports locally driven efforts to reduce the use of petroleum in Hawaii’s transportation sector through education and outreach.


The mission of STCH is to be a leading advocate and educational resource for sustainable transportation in Hawaii. STCH strives to advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of Hawai’i by promoting and supporting the adoption of practices that improve mobility, reduce travel demand, increase the utilization of energy efficient modes of travel, and reduce the use of petroleum for transportation.


STCH believes in a sustainable future for Hawai‘i where mobility needs are met through a diversity of solutions that are efficient, clean, safe, and convenient. To achieve this, STCH envisions a Hawai‘i where:

  • Land use and transportation policies and infrastructure encourage travel by walking, bicycling, and transit – and shorter travel distances for all;
  • Walking and bicycling are safe, comfortable, and delightful;
  • Transit is frequent, fast, reliable, comfortable, and convenient for all;
  • More than half of all trips are by walking, bicycling, transit and other alternatives to personal automobiles by or before 2045;
  • Electric charging and renewable fueling infrastructure is abundant, accessible, and conveniently located in each community; and
  • All vehicles, including transit and personal and commercial cars, trucks, and vans are powered by 100% renewably produced electricity or renewable fuels by or before 2045. 

u.s. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program

The Clean Cities program is a national alternative fuel/advanced technology deployment program administered by U.S. Department of Energy’s office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program.  The USDOE Clean Cities Program is a national network of nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions that brings together stakeholders in the public and private sectors to reply alternative and renewable fuels, idle-reduction measures, fuel economy improvements, and new transportation technologies.

Clean Cities was established in 1993, in response to the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The program is housed within the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office. For more information about the Clean Cities Program please visit: What is Clean Cities